Weekend Roundup

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Someone forgot to tell mother nature that it’s October, therefore 90 degree weather should be a thing of the past, right? Wrong! Man it’s hot.  (I can hear all my friends in Seattle laughing right now)

Allergies have got me down,  but I finally made it out. Saturday we ate at the Texas Road House, pretty good  food and not bad on the wallet. Our kids loved the peanuts, especially the fact that you can throw the shells on the floor.  Took the family to Austin Java for a little brunch which included a latte and some breakfast tacos, yummy!

Now I’m just waiting for a little cooler weather, and some rain. I think I forgot what rain is!

Go Local

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One of the reasons I wanted to live in Austin is the local culture that is promoted. Austin is unique, fun, hip and local. Sure we have our fair share of “big box” corporate chains.

But, we also have a huge local business atmosphere. And the city seems to rally behind it’s local business owners, which is great. Click here for some more info.

Anyhow next time you see Cold Stone, or Amy’s. Pick Amy. The more we choose “local” more cash will stay in the Austin economy, and that my friend is a good thing!


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Austin City Limits Music Festival started today, over 200,000 people will swarm Austin over the next 3 days, nuts!

If you are a chump like me, and you have no tickets; you can still catch the show live. The feed is here.

Enjoy, and hopefully next year I will be able to attend?

We are now off to brave the crowd downtown to hang with J & Amanda and eat some fish tacos at wahoo’s.

Sunday Musings

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I watched a little football this morning, the games were pretty boring. After Bailey finished her homework we decided to head out to Suzi’s Chinese Grill, which is kinda like PF Changs. Of course the locals think it’s better then Changs. I’ll reserve judgment for later. Suzi (the owner) was there, saying hi, and serving her customers. It always feels good to spend the hard earned dollar on a local business.

Now it’s time to get the little ones in bed, fire up the DVD player and finish watching Lost. We have two more discs and we will be done with season one. We need to catch up, so we have to watch the whole 2nd season by next week, which is the season premier.


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Welcome to my blog, this is my first go with wordpress. So, I’m still trying to get a feel for how things are done.

Anyhow, I hope to post about all things Austin. I just moved here and so far I’m digging the city. Right now I’m working with a branding, marketing and design firm: Blink Consulting Looking forward to building some relationship and exploring Austin.