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Want to continue to do simple good?

  • Throw a Garage Sale Party to benefit a fundraiser of your choosing.
  • Have your kids set up a lemonade stand where proceeds go to supporting families internationally.
  • Skip the latte every morning for a month and donate to a construction fundraiser.
  • Eat rice and beans every night for a week and use the savings from more expensive food to provide meals for kids in need.
  • Bike to work for a month and donate the gas money.
  • Run a marathon to raise funding for a school.
  • Skip buying new clothes for a month and donate the savings to kids in need.
  • Join with 4 friends to sponsor an orphan at helponenow.org.

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Listen to exclusive audio of Jen Hatmaker’s appearance at “An Evening With Help One Now” this past April.



Jen Hatmaker’s “For The Love”

“When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett (Author), Brian Fikkert