An Open Letter to Haiti and my Haitian friends…

In Haiti by ChrisMarlow1 Comment

Thank you Haiti.

Thank you for for your courage.
Thank you for your faith.
Thank you for your resolve.

When I first visited You in May, I knew not what to expect. The stories I heard were heartbreaking, unimaginable, painful and tragic. Your burden became mine, your suffering left a mark on my soul, and your faith has brought hope, to me and to many!

Your story has changed the world.

I went to You, thinking I was going to help you, when in reality, you have helped me so much more.

I wanted to rescue you, yet it seems you have rescued me.

I think about you daily. Often I have tears flowing from my eyes, like I do now as I type these words.

I’m broken as my friends still live in tents, they still have no jobs and they still struggle to eat. Yet they smile, laugh, hug and they always, ALWAYS tell me “thanks for coming to Haiti, for leaving my family and helping the Haitian people.”

If they only knew the truth…coming to Haiti has been such a blessing to me.

When I arrived in May, I heard your story.
When I returned in September, we became friends.
When I came back in November, I left broken and determined.

I will return. Again and again and again. I will do what I can to help. I no longer come as one who runs a non-profit. I now come as a friend, a friend who’s desire is to partner with Haitians, to help bring restoration and renewal, even if it’s inch by inch!

Until we meet again in March!


PS: The picture above is beautiful. Port-au-Prince sits under the majesty of Heaven. Taken by Scott Wade.

You can help Haiti through our Haiti: We Have Not Forgotten Initiative. And, you can also sponsor a child from Haiti.