Doing Good Is Simple

We all want to do good, but often, we can be overwhelmed by our busy schedules, family commitments, and the feeling that we might not be making much of an impact anyway.

In Doing Good Is Simple, Chris Marlow gently challenges us with grace and humor to realize that we are both called and equipped to make a difference in the world and reminds us that doing good can be simple!

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Foreword By Jen Hatmaker

“Help One Now is fiercely committed to helping and not hurting, and Chris has led with that nonnegotiable firmly in place since the first day. He is a trustworthy leader, a courageous freedom fighter, a creative thinker, and a true brother. If Chris embodies the next generation of community developers, the world will soon be safer, stronger, and more beautiful for the vulnerable. He is a champion for the poor, and it is such an honor to be his partner and friend in this good work. “

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Chris Marlow

Chris Marlow founded Help One Now after meeting a starving young orphan at an abandoned gas station in Zimbabwe. That encounter compelled him to dedicate his life to seeking justice by empowering high-capacity local leaders to care for orphans, vulnerable children, and see their communities transform. His passion is organizing tribes of everyday people to partner with global movements that do good.

Chris is a sought-after speaker on topics of justice, mission, leadership, and organizational development, and he is also available to coach leaders who are looking to launch, grow, and sustain their organization well.

Chris lives in downtown Raleigh, NC, with his wife, two daughters, and a German Shepherd pup named Skye.

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"Chris speaks from a place of humility and brokenness that will leave you hanging on his every word. His talks will leave you unsettled yet stimulated to launch a movement of your own to make a difference in the world." ~Jennie Allen

Watch Chris Marlow Talk at TEDxRaleigh.

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